Aspects - Try Me Kit

Aspects - Try Me Kit

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  • Purastat 5 Cleanser – 7ml
  • Extreme B17 Serum – 7ml
  • Extreme C20 Serum – 7ml
  • Phytostat 9 Moisturiser – 15gm

Aspect's best-selling must-haves are available to try in the Aspect Try Me Kit. A versatile kit for most skin types, cleanse with Purastat 5 and hydrate the skin deeply with Phytostat 9 Moisturiser . Extreme B17 Serum is perfect for day and night use to plump and lock in moisture, while Extreme C20 Serum is great to add extra protection throughout the day from environmental aggressors.


Please note some of our Aspects products can contain some ingredients that may have adverse affects if the user is on certain medication. Known medications that may cause adverse affects include (but may not be limited to) Roacutane, Retin-A, Adapalene and Renova. Certain products within this range are also not recommended if the user has an allergy to Asprin, or if the user is pregnant or lactating. The individual products will state if they have these ingredient warnings.

If you have any doubts or concerns, please consult a medical professional before using these products.

By purchasing products from this product range, you hereby agree that you have read these Terms & Conditions and that Pure Skin Therapy, the owner, management and staff of Pure Skin Therapy are in no way responsible or liable in any way for any adverse affects resulting from the purchase or use of these products.