Sothys Nutritive - Oil Dry Skin (2Pce Set)

Sothys Nutritive - Oil Dry Skin (2Pce Set)

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Not to be confused with dehydration, a true dry skin is one that lacks natural lipids (oils) and although dehydrated and dry skin appear similar, they require a very different response.

The Nutritive products are formulated with a combination of ceramides, omega fatty acids 3,6 & 9 and precious oils duo. They are perfect for all skin types that have dry tendencies, even combination skins.

This complex also helps to maintain the moisture in the skin because as we rebuild the oil film, this creates a waterproof barrier preventing the moisture from escaping. Use in conjunction with our anti-ageing creams or Hydra3Ha™ lines.

  • Nutritive Comfort Cream - 50ml
  • Nutritive Lipid Elixir - 30ml