Sothys Repair Balm 50ml

Sothys Repair Balm 50ml

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Rebalancing balm to intensely accompany day and night skin that has been ultra-weakened by dermo-aesthetic procedures.  The skin’s comfort and natural balance are gradually restored.  High tolerance hypoallergenic formula, fragrance free, colourant free.


Principle ingredients:

  • Glyco-Repair is an aqueous plant extract from Carob seed rich in natural oligo-galactomannans, that stimulate the migratory potential of the skin cells, regulating the dermal repair mediators involved in the skin regeneration process. It contributes to the repair of micro-tears in the skin.
  • Peptide M3.0 is a biomimetic active ingredient able to boost the synthesis of dermal support molecules.
  • Soothing Complex is an optimal combination of active ingredients selected to regulate inflammatory phenomena - including extract of Brown algae, D-Panthenol, Allantoine.
  • Extract of Baldo is a plant extract to promote and protect the healthy microbiome (micro flora) of the skin.
  • Moisturising Complex is a combination of active ingredients renowned for their ability to maintain optimal nutrition and hydration - Glycerine, Urea derivative, Hyaluronic acid, Cucumber extract, Shea butter, Phospholipids.

How to use: Application to face and body - Disperse 2mls-5mls+ on the skin immediately following the treatment for 7 to 14 days, morning and evening. A Sothys Sun Shield MUST be applied during day-light hours to protect fragile, vulnerable skin from strong UV damage.

*Dermatologically tested on skin following abrasive Laser treatment and chemical peeling.

*High tolerance hypoallergenic, fragrance & colourant-free, efficiency proven under dermatologists supervision.