Sothys [W.]+ Whitening - Pigmentation Kit (6 Piece Kit)

Sothys [W.]+ Whitening - Pigmentation Kit (6 Piece Kit)

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Whitening - Pigmentation

One of the most common skin aesthetic complaints that only manifests from around the age of 30, is pigmentation. It is caused from years of excessive sun exposure and can be very difficult to address.

Sothys have developed an effective programme that delivers an upstream response by preventing the appearance of the pigment and softening the appearance of existing pigmentation.

Proven actives of vectorised Vitamin C, Vitamin PP and salicylic, glycolic, and malic acids to immediately brighten and unify the complexion.

This will contain 6 products: (please note they are available to buy separately also)

  • [W.]+ Brightening Cleansing Cream -125ml
  • [W.]+ Brightening Preparative Lotion - 200ml
  • [W.]+ Brightening Double Action Serum - 2x 10ml
  • [W.]+ Brightening Fluid - 50ml
  • [W.]+ Brightening Mask - 50ml
  • [W.]+ Brightening Ultra Protective Sun Shield SPF50 - 30ml