Sothys Desquacrem – Deep Cleanser 50ml

Sothys Desquacrem – Deep Cleanser 50ml

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An original Sothys formula. This deep cleanser helps to remove stubborn impurities from the skin.  For all skin types, even sensitive skin.  It foams into a lather until they completely disappear.

Recommended for all skin types, use twice a week for normal skin, with oily congested skin able to use Desquacrem up to three times weekly.

Deep enzymatic action on fatty deposits leaving the skin brightened and lightened, assisting absorption of treatment serums and creams, can be used conveniently in the shower, and is easily taken when travelling.

Method: Using a small amount only (1/2 ml or size of a peanut) disperse Desquacrem over the entire face and neck area. Using wetted fingertips, massage for 1 minute with brisk circular action. Then allow to penetrate for 2-3 minutes. Emulsify with wetted finger tips to bring the product back to the skin’s surface. Using tepid water rinse off several times until the skin feels free of the product. The SOTHYS Treatment Lotion should then be used after Desquacrem.