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Sothys BX Wrinkle Corrector 15ml
Sothys BX Wrinkle Corrector 15ml

Sothys BX Wrinkle Corrector 15ml

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Corrector of expression lines.  Smoothing effect.  Women and men who want to erase their expression lines.  The dermo-aesthetic procedures devotees:
To strengthen the effects of botulinum toxin injection
To push back the next injection on the calendar
Expression lines visibly fade away, the skin becomes smoother and the face appears younger.  The features look relaxed, smooth and rejuvenated, and expression lines appear erased.

Skin Type:  All skin types

Key Ingredients:  10% Dermo-relaxing peptide complex - Limit the facial micro-contractions that cause the appearance and permanence of expression lines.  Reproduce on the epidermis the same result as botulinum toxin on the skin through cosmetic action.  15% Ultra-moisturising complex - Complete the filling of expression lines

Method:  Using its high-precision applicator, apply the product morning and evening and directly to the affected area: forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines around the eyebrows, nasogenian furrows and finish with light effleurage strokes.  Follow with a suitable serum and cream.