Sothys Firming Comfort Youth Cream 50ml

Sothys Firming Comfort Youth Cream 50ml

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Youth objective: Revive

To visibly smooth wrinkles, and limit the visible signs of skin slackening. The face appears lifted and its youth looks revived.


Key ingredient: Hibiscus seed extract protects FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor) in order to reactivate dermal synthesis of essential structural proteins and elastin quality.

Plantain stem cells are included to activate genes via microRNA pathways to boost skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation resulting from skin stress (UV, chemicals, aggressive treatments).

All Youth creams contain Sothys patented ßP3 Tri-Complex™ with Saffron – Sophora – Peptides

Saffron and Sophora have been scientifically proven to optimise free radical scavenging and activating anti-oxidant defence systems while a combination of two matrikines (messenger peptides) activate the genes responsible for stimulation of skin regeneration responses.