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Foot Health

Foot Health

In an industry that is rapidly changing, nowhere more has it effected the level of professional care as in the pedicure. Once the humble pedicure was considered to be a “pampering treatment” something you had as a treat or a pampering maybe once a year if that. Not anymore. Today EVERYONE has their feet and nails tended to, you only need to attend a bar-b-que to see the fantastic arrange of beautiful colours, nail art, shellac, gel nails and the list goes on! Pretty in all as our feet may look from the outside, not always are they ‘HAPPY FEET’. About this time of the summer our feet have had enough. Wearing flip flops, getting around in bare feet is starting to take a toll. Dry thickened callus skin has built up paving the way to painful cracks, not to mention looking dirty/discoloured and “UGLY” heels!

The key to a good pedicure lies with those heels, attending callused skin around the toes not forgetting thickened dry cuticles. If you are a keen sports person and have areas of friction it can play havoc with toenails as well. We can help with these conditions at PURE. I take pride in having sent all our therapists on intensive footcare training in the use of our foot care machine. This machine in the hands of a skilled therapists will deal with the many foot care problems that living in Wanaka and our everyday/outdoor life style presents.

Like dealing with the skin we are at the top of our game, it gives us a lot pleasure in helping you have good healthy feet.

The key of course is hygiene. At Pure, we have installed an Auto Clave, you might ask what this is? Well it’s a premium of sterilisation, mainly used in dental practices and hospitals for sterilisation of tools and utensils. We blister pack our mani and pedi utensils and they get loaded into our Auto Clave and heated to extreme temperatures and sealed. We are in love with it already and enjoy the confidence in knowing our equipment is 100% sterile. A costly piece of equipment but one we feel sets us apart and is becoming a complete necessity in our industry.

That’s all from me this week, if you would like me to cover anything in the future email us