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Spring Skin

Spring Skin at Pure Skin

I don’t know about you but there’s something about spring that gets me going - the suns shining, the days get longer, and I get this burst energy that sees me overhauling everything in my life including my skin and skincare.

We might be ready to run into spring (I certainly am), but our skin takes a little longer to adapt and wake up from its winter slumber. So the first step of the transition is DECLUTTER - grab every bit of skincare you own from the back of your draw, lay it out and ask yourself “what did I buy this for?” (bet you don’t know), “when did I last use that product?” (again, I bet it was ages ago) and if that is true, biff it. Quality professional skincare products don’t have all the nasties in them that they used to, so the chances are high that if you can’t remember the why’s and when’s, that your product has expired.

Then take a look at what you have. If you are in the hands of a skilled skincare therapist, they will most likely have you under control. But you aren’t, stay with me and I’ll take you through how to manage the winter to spring skincare transition. 

Our skin in the winter spends its time idling and defending itself from the cold. This can leave your skin dry and flaky, sometimes chapped and high in colour. When this happens don’t be too aggressive with your skin. I choose to use a gommage exfoliation, and my go-to is Sothys Biological Peel. I love it because it’s grain free and gently removes built up dry skin for a clear, smooth and supple complexion. A truly beautiful effective skin polish without the harsh scrubs.

Deep cleanse
Once you’ve taken away the dry skin, do a deeper cleanse, especially if you have clogged pores or an excessive build-up of oil. Sothys Desquacrem is a beautiful deep cleanser that helps remove stubborn impurities from the skin. The use of the biological peel exfoliate prior to the application of Desquacrem gives a double action peeling and deep biological cleansing in perfect synergy! 

Discover the benefits of a lotion
Years ago toners/lotions were that stringent concoction that we used to strip our skin, leaving it tight and squeaky clean. NOT GOOD! Thankfully nowadays they are a lot better - beautiful silky lotions that contain softening and comforting ingredients that make your skin happy. A lotion helps the skin to reset its own PH levels and locks in your skin’s natural hydration. Your moisturiser slides onto your skin like silk and makes that product go further (you can use less product to cover your face.) You can tell I am such a fan of lotions. My favourite lotion at the moment? Sothys [W.]+ Preparative Lotion – a gem that moisturises, smooths and provides new radiance while preparing my skin to receive other skin products. 

Serums are the powerhouse of your skincare. They are applied under your moisturiser. During the day your skin is busy fighting external aggressors like the sun, cold, wind and stress, so it needs support and protection from this environment. I fully recommend finding a day serum that suits your lifestyle.

If you use Vitamins A & C or alpha hydroxy acids at night you will be still able to use them. The skin repairs itself at night so their task in your skin is important.

Quality skincare will come in different consistencies for summer and winter. If this is your cream, then you are all set, otherwise you may want to swap your thicker moisturiser for one of a lighter texture.

You may want to think about using an oil in spring and summer. Some oils contain nutrients for the skin, others just don’t. Their main role is to prevent de-hydration. In the warmer months humidity is higher and the skin might not need that extra protection. The wrong oils can exasperate congestion.

Sun protection SPF + SPF in moisturisers
If you want to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful, wearing sun protection is a MUST. Not only for when you are outside, but for incidental exposure such as driving or sitting in offices by a screen or window where UV rays will ravage your bare skin. Remember to look after the neck and décolleté, this area is very prone to sun damage and aging.

My theory on sunblock in moisturisers is that they play 2 different and important roles. A moisturiser is a moisturiser and a sunblock is a sunblock. SPF in your product is better than nothing but it doesn’t give you day long protection. Ideally in the sun, renew your sun-protection every 2 hours. Also a good idea at this time to have a mole check. 

Makeup tip
Swap out your liquid foundations worn as casual day to day wear for a Mineral Powder. Less oily on hot sticky days. Most also contain a physical SPF. I absolutely love the Lily Lolo mineral powder SPF15 – it buffers into the skin effortlessly and its made from natural ingredients to ensure the skin is kept clean and healthy, minimising breakouts and blemishes.


It’s such a crucial time of the year for your skin, so please look after it.

Gay x