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At Pure, skin health is our focus. If you are unsure what you are looking for simply phone us on 03) 443 5969 or email to ensure you are confident when shopping that you are purchasing the ‘correct’ skin care product to suit YOUR skin. Pure are more than happy to give your skin a consultation and skin prescription with the products we recommend for you.

Living in Wanaka for your skin is a bit like living in a fridge. Imagine this, make a sandwich out of fresh moist bread, place it in the refrigerator uncovered for a few hours. What you are left with after those few hours is a dry crusty curled at the edges unappetising,” I am not going to eat that” slice of bread.  What has happened is, the cold dry air has pulled out all moisture. Cover the sandwich with cling wrap and your bread will last many more hours or days and remain reasonably fresh. Now the environment in Wanaka is much the same, very dry/low humidity. Not too bad in the summer but in the winter, it is a bit like that fridge.... read more in Gay's Journal.

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