Sothys Detoxifying Youth Serum 30ml

Sothys Detoxifying Youth Serum 30ml

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This serum with its glowy texture is immediately absorbed to visibly protect the skin against free radicals and optimise cell renewal.  Improvement in complexion radiance.  Fresh, rosy complexion, like a breath of fresh air.  Complexion is less dull, less tired. 


Skin Type:  All skin types

Key Ingredients:  Dandelion extract - Detoxifying, anti pollution.  Green tea EGCG - Phytoactive prolonged release molecules for an anti free radical and anti inflammation action.  Prickly pear extract - To promote cell renewal and restore radiance.

Method:  Apply morning and evening to the face and neck (1 use = 1 to 2 pumps).  Follow with your Sothys cream.